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Craniosacral | Myofascial Release | Visceral


Krystal Meyer, She/Her


Nice to meet you!

I have been practicing bodywork for close to 10 years, graduating from East West College in 2015. As a freshman in college I studied Integrative Therapeutic Practices at Metropolitan State College in Denver, CO. In learning about alternative medicine I felt deeply moved to step away from an academic world to pursue a more hands on approach to healing.

Those who have chronic symptoms and complex pain patterns can quickly fall through the cracks of our health care system, left to navigate these challenges with little support, often at great financial and emotional expense. I see massage therapy as an effective and affordable approach to healing, offering resource in ways Western Medicine struggles to provide.

Early in my career I was struck by how impactful a collaborative approach to healing can be. This led me to work with a multi-disciplinary team for nearly 7 years in Vancouver, WA. I worked closely alongside Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers. I feel passionately about collaboration and the healing that all of these modalities can make possible. I love connecting with the other providers my clients are currently working with!

My personal approach to massage therapy has been greatly shaped by Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and Myofascial Release (MFR). In providing Teacher Assistance to the Craniosacral Trainings at Moving Mountain Institute since 2022, my wonder and appreciation for the body’s healing capacity continues to bloom.

I define healing as moving toward whole-ness. Craniosacral Therapy holds a central belief that our bodies have the innate wisdom to bring themselves into balance. My role as a provider is to simply listen and respond through touch, to how your system wants to move toward that wholeness. We are dynamic beings and the way we heal is, also.

Through gentle and present-full touch we will work together to support your body in the ways it calls for. I use CST, MFR, Cupping, and Visceral Manipulation to guide us along the way!

Curious to start working together? I offer free 15min consultations!


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This gentle modality works with the central nervous system, cranial bones, spine and sacrum, reducing restrictions and encouraging balance. Clients often feel decreased pain, more fully embodied, and deeply restored from this work.

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myofascial release

MFR uses the warmth of my hands applied at various vectors of tension throughout the body, slowly shortening and lengthening tissues to create softness and spaciousness.

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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral work is gentle manipulation of the abdomen and the visceral structures. These are the major organs as well as connective tissue, lymphatic tissue, vascular and nerve structures within the abdomen. By supporting healthy movement of the visceral structures they function better, positively impacting every system in the body.

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This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique involves placing glass cups with suction on the body. This allows tension patterns to release in the tissues, removing stagnation and increasing circulation.


*Tip included in ALL pricing

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Single Sessions




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3 60min..................$360

3 90min...................$540

10 60min.................$1170

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1 60min Monthly Massage


1 90min Monthly Massage



  • 3 month Minimum Requirement
  • Automatic withdrawals occur once per month
  • Members receive discounted rate for last minute openings ($90 for 60min)
  • Unused massage sessions roll-over and can be used up to 6 months
  • Tip Included

*All sessions include personally blended massage oil with organic CBD and Essential Oils.

*BIPOC discounts available.


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